Our chairs are guaranteed to be of high quality and backed by a warranty.

Our chairs are guaranteed to be of high quality and backed by a warranty.

You might notice that your back and other body parts are complaining if you spend eight or more hours in an uncomfortable office chair. When you sit in a chair not designed for ergonomic usage for long periods, you put your health at risk.

An inadequate chair can lead to many ailments, such as poor posture, fatigue, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, leg pain, and back pain.

Here are the top features of the most comfortable office chairs.

1. Providing a backrest

Separate or incorporated into the seat, the backrest can be used both ways. A separate backrest must have an adjustable height. Both the angle and the height should also be adjustable. The height adjustment helps to relieve pressure on your lower back’s lumbar region. Ideal backrests should be 12-19 inches wide and designed to support your spinal curve, especially in the lower back area. It should be possible to adjust the backrest in both forward and backward directions if the chair has a combined backrest and seat. Such chairs need to be equipped with a locking mechanism to secure the backrest in place once you’ve found an ideal position for it.

2. Height of the seat

Any decent office chair must easily be adjustable; it should have a pneumatic lever for adjusting the height. 16-21 inches should be the height of an ideal office chair. By maintaining a level stance, you will be able to maintain parallel thighs and flat feet. You can also reach the work surface with your forearms at this height.

3. Type of material

Strong, durable material is required for a good chair. Additionally, the seat and back of the chair should be designed with adequate padding, especially where the lower back touches the chair. Material that releases moisture and heat well is the best.

4. Armrests offer many benefits

Lower back pressure can be reduced by using armrests. To support several tasks like reading and writing, it would be better if the height and width could be adjusted. The armrest should be contoured and padded properly as well as well cushioned in order to relieve shoulder tension and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

5.  Maintaining stability

The chair should have wheels that can swivel so you don’t twist and stretch your back too much. The chair should have a five-point base to keep it from tipping over. The casters should be hard so the chair can be moved comfortably, even when it’s reclined or locked.

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